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Welcome to PDC Pak Direct Cargo

Pak Direct Cargo prides itself of offering reliable, flexible and cost effective door to door services to clients across the UK, that can be tailored to suit their individual shipping needs and requirements. Our services are second to none and provide a reliable and flexible way for a company or individual to ship their cargo i.e. Cloths,Shoes,Bags,TV,Refridgerator,Generator,Washing Machine to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir

Door to Door Service

We book collection over the phone, TXT message, through email or our user friendly website. We ring you 30 minutes before the agreed collection time, then we weight and pack your stuff safely in a special sack or box, then we ship it direct towards the destination, that’s not all we give you a tracking number as soon as it reach Pakistan and TXT you after your parcel has been delivered.

Efficient, Customer Oriented Service

We are committed to customer satisfaction with each service. Unlike many of our competitors, we will endeavour to work alongside you and ensure your consignment gets to the required destination in a timely manner and without any missing items