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air cargo to Pakistan from UK

Do you have something to send from the London or the UK to Pakistan in a quick turnaround time? Well, any parcel which contains valuable items that are small in size and require care must be sent via air cargo to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir. Not just that! We offer the best possible cargo services to the clients and has made a solid reputation for the air & cargo services.

With Pak Direct Cargo Ltd. you get to choose from a wide variety of routes which guarantee that your air cargo from UK to Pakistan arrives in the shortest possible time. Pak Direct Cargo Ltd. has invested in providing the best shipping experience you could ever find. They make the cargo air services easy and accessible by providing an online help platform through which you can make bookings and have all your queries and concerns addressed.

Air Cargo Freight Rates:

We handle all air freight shipments in the most professional, reliable and expeditious means possible. Pak Direct Cargo Ltd. with the network of offices and agents in both the UK and Pakistan makes them the best air cargo freight forwarders to Pakistan & allows you the opportunity, with one phone call, to ship cheap parcel to Pakistan from door to door. Our Air Cargo to Pakistan is the safest timely, seamless and cost-effective manner possible in the UK.

You’ll always get the cheapest air cargo rates from us in the market; Our air cargo rates per kg to Pakistan from the UK are just £5 MINIMUM 10KG. NO MAXIMUM LIMIT

Air Cargo Process:

How to send Cargo by Air to Pakistan? Our team can pick your parcel from your home. Yes, we provide door to door air cargo to Pakistan. At the same time, you can also drop your parcel at our office in London and as soon as we’ll receive it our team will process your shipment via Air Cargo. We have made 1000’s of air shipments so far and we guarantee the quickest and cheapest service. Pak Direct Cargo Ltd. team will be in constant communication with your until your parcel is delivered and received.

On our website, you can request for rates for air cargo to Pakistan from UK by keying in your personal information and sending a message directly to us. Irrespective of what you wish to send by air to Pakistan, the Pak Direct Cargo prices are very affordable and the quality of our shipping service is impressive. We provide expedited Air Cargo from the London or UK to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir. Our airport-to-airport service is ideally suited to customers with a high volume of business requiring time-critical delivery.

Goods Not Allowed:

At the same time, we are willing to send your goods via air cargo to Pakistan from the UK. They operate under the confines of the law and that means there are items they cannot transport for you. These include:

  • Any rendition of the Holy Quran without Arabic text;
  • Containers or goods with the pornographic or obscene material;
  • Low-quality goods and factory rejects;
  • Used oils;
  • Explosives including fireworks;
  • Individual brewing equipment;
  • Ammunition and firearms;
  • Used personal effects, electronics or electrical equipment.

There is another category of goods that you can move via air cargo to Pakistan from the UK by first obtaining a special certificate. These include:

  • Mobile telephones for which you much obtain an approval certificate from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.
  • To import medicine from the UK to Pakistan. The Health Department Director General in Pakistan must first issue you with a certificate.

However, once you get the respective certificates for shipping the above products by air from UK to Pakistan. The customs officer in Pakistan clears your goods at the airport. If you’re not certain if it is legal to move your goods from UK to Pakistan or not. Our team is looking to serve air cargo services to you and our team can advise and help you acquire any certificates and permissions needed to move your air cargo to Pakistan from the UK.

Fastest Air Cargo to Pakistan:

Our experienced agents and the hard working team will always ensure that you get your parcel delivered as quickly as possible. However, the standard air parcel delivery time is:

DELIVERY TIME: 7 To 10 Working days

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