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Door to Door Cargo Service

door to door cargo service

The Door to Door Cargo Service is the most amazing innovation in the cargo delivery field. It gives the customers a peace of mind! The PDC will take care of the parcel by picking it up from your door and sending it to the location of the receiver. Are you looking for a reliable & cheap door to door cargo service or house moving service from the UK to Azad Kashmir or Pakistan?

We have the solution!

Trusted Door to Door Cargo Providers in the U.K:

PDC is one of the most reliable and trusted Cargo Providers in the UK providing you with the best and the most original door to door service. This service can be used efficiently to send parcels from the UK to Pakistan from home to home. Our network is distributed over the whole of the United Kingdom and Pakistan; enabling us to offer you the best in town door cargo to Pakistan service.

Easy Door to Door Cargo Process:

Our team will pick up the parcel from your house in the UK and deliver to the desired destination in Pakistan or in Azad Kashmir. We have sent 100’s of parcels and we guarantee the quickest turnaround and the cheapest cost. Also, our team provides great support and communication. We promise to be in constant communication with you until your parcel will be successfully delivered. We will ensure that you get the best out of the service.

Not just that, we collect from customer`s door in UK and delivers it to any address in Pakistan or Azad Kashmir. On the collection, we will also ensure that your items are safe to be delivered to Pakistan. Our team will make you feel confident with our service before we take the parcel and delivers it. The team will take the pressure off you and put it on us and try our best to provide the best service possible to meet your needs.

Fast Delivery Processing:

We have the access to both the Air & Sea delivery facilities, as soon as our team will receive your parcel it will be shipped to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir. The shipment depends on the weight of your parcel. If the parcel is heavy, or big in size, it will be sent via ship. Charges depend on the mode of the shipment & the weight of your parcel. However, we ensure the best door to door cargo service that won’t let you be worried about the pricing.

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