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Sea Cargo to Pakistan Most Trusted Service

Pak Cargo Services

Pak Direct Cargo offers the most professional UK to Pak Cargo Service to the clients. We have an experienced team to perform the best services around the UK. If you’re looking to send goods to Pakistan at cheap prices and in a fast turnaround time. Including sending your parcels through Sea Cargo, Air Cargo, Door to Door Cargo & Excess Baggage relocation. PDC is the right company for you!  Our UK to Pakistan Shipment Delivery Service provides a reliable and flexible way for a company to ship their shipments to Pakistan. We are solemnly facilitating clients with four types of delivery options. Which could be adjusted according to the specific needs and obligations of customers.

We are enabling our customers to send cheap cargo to Pakistan at amazingly fast pace. Throughout, we have done more than 1000 deliveries and our team is the most expert freight delivery team in the UK. Sending shipments to Pakistan should be done with care, and our team does care for all the parcels and our clients. We are friendly and we don’t relax till the parcel has reached the destination.

Our UK to Pak Cargo Services:

We provide 4 professional services to pack your shipments and move it towards a new location in a safe and sound manner. Read more on our freight delivery options or give us a call to learn more at 020 7112 8444.

AIR Cargo:

air cargo service

Are you in hurry with your shipment? Do you need to transfer your goods in a fast & timely manner? If yes, then you should opt in for our cargo air services. The Air Freight is the fastest way to get your parcels delivered. PDC offers the cheapest air freight rates possible, which enables you to send your goods to Pakistan. Using our cargo air services your parcel will be delivered to your mentioned location in the maximum of 10 working days interval in just £5 Per KG.

Door to Door Cargo Service:

door to door pak cargo services

“Door to Door Pak Cargo Service is the most amazing thing as you can sit back and relax”. Are you a busy person? Well, we got you covered! We understand that it may happen that you don’t have time to bring your stuff to our office. Also, sometimes a professional’s team is required to pack your stuff at home. However, to move things in a safe and sound manner. PDC offers professional Door-to-Door Cargo to Pakistan service to satisfy our pre-existing and new customers.

SEA Cargo:

ship cargo service

If you want to send bigger & heavier shipments then the Sea Cargo is the best option for you. Cargo to Pakistan by Sea will not be fast enough but it is reliable and affordable. It is a very common service which could be availed from our company over a phone call. Yes, that’s right! If you want to send a shipment or parcel through sea route to another region then give us a call right away. PDC offers very cheap goods delivery to Pakistan which is worth using, our special promotional offer starts at £1.25.

Excess Baggage to Pakistan:


excess baggage pak cargo services

Are you looking to move your Excess Baggage from the UK to Pakistan? The Excess Baggage relocation costs a lot of money with Airlines, but our Pak Cargo Excess Baggage Service can save you a lot of money while sending your baggage. Call us now to discuss which form of freight will be suitable for your needs.

Send Household Cargo  From London, Birmingham Manchester & surroundings  to Pakistan & Azad Kashmir

We use Direct Ships to Pakistan so its Quicker & Safer



Rates for Weight over  50 kg is £1.50/kg £1.35 (until this Week only)

 Rates for Weight less then  50 kg is £1.75/kg

Minimum weight requirment is 20kg

Electrical Appliances/ Furniture £3.5/kg


Door To Door Service (Not far Villages)

No Custom Duty To Pay in Pakistan

Send  Gifts Charity Clothes, Shoes, Bags, TV, Refrigerator, Generator, Washing Machine to Pakistan

It used to take 5-6 weeks BUT Currently 2-2.5 Months  Due to War change of Ships Route but Direct Ships to Pakistan so Still Fastest then most of other Companies


£9/kg 20kg Minimum  currently 2-3weeks

(For more info scroll down) 

(Any bulk cosmetics / chocolates / commercial quantity  found in the parcel will be disposed off without notice + Fine) 

Door To Door Service (Not far Villages)

No Custom Duty To Pay in Pakistan


We proud to be Trusted by The TOP Pakistani Families Directly or in Directly  including Politicians, Bureaucrats , Judges, Business Owners ,Celebrities ,Forces When Visit UK Trust Pak Direct Cargo to send their Personal Cargo Back to Pakistan 

pak cargo satisfaction guaranteed

You can ship your Cargo to Pakistan quickly and safely with us.


BY SHIP (within 2 Months)

  • If 50 kg or above then £1.35/kg.
  •  £1.75 per kg (25  kg Aleast.)
  • Just keep your stuff ready in bin bags/liners  or suitcases take off packing and price tags,
  • Our driver will pack in large sack/bag (charge £5 each capacity 20kg) weight & seal in your home
  • Cargo in Large boxes £2/kg (not recommended)
  • You can send clothes, 1-2 shampoo lotions in between cloths are fine  etc  (Strictly no Perfumes and over 500ml liquid,Large olive oil bottles otherwise we may confiscate or destroy them if spelled + fine you)
  • Electric appliances, flat pack furniture, exercise machines (domestic) £3.5/kg
  •  Fridge, £ CALL FOR RATES
  • Washing machine £185 fixed
  • Generator £3.5 /KG
  • All customs duty included in the above prices but Strictly no commercial/bulk quantity (we may confiscate and destroy if found may fine you)
  • if you are travelling and want to send bulk Supplies i.e. baby food nappies wipes food etc pdc  will charge £2.5 per kg but if we find out later will charge £2.5/kg + £2/kg  fine on the top, if difference is not paid pdc will send  your cargo to charity

BY AIR   (2-3 weeks delivery time)

  • £9/kg
  • 20 kg minimum weight
  • Just keep your items ready in bin bags small boxes
  • Our driver will transfer them  in our large Box
  • Send anything except perfumes, body spray, electric items and take off the price tags
  • few items of cosmetics are fine BUT Any cosmetics of commercial quantity will be confiscated  (if in bulk then we will fine you )
UK to Pakistan Cargo Service
Pak Cargo Door to Door
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