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Pakistan Cargo Services

cargo to pakistan services

Send Cheap Cargo to Pakistan

Pak Direct Cargo offers affordable and cheap Pak Cargo Services which includes sending your parcels from the UK to Pakistan by Sea Cargo, Air Cargo, Door to Door Cargo & Excess Baggage relocation services. Our Pak Cargo Services provide a reliable and flexible way for a company to ship their cargo Pakistan or Azad Kashmir from the UK. Pak Direct Cargo is solemnly facilitating clients with four types of Pak Cargo Services which could be adjusted according to the specific needs and obligations of customers.

We are enabling our customers to send cargo to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir at cheap prices. Throughout, we have done more than 1000 deliveries and our team is the most expert cargo team available in the UK. Sending cargo to Pakistan should be done with care, and our team does care for all the parcels and clients. We are friendly and we don’t relax till the parcel has reached the destination.

Our Pak Cargo Services:

We provide following services to pack your shipments and move it towards a new location in a safe and sound manner.

AIR Cargo:

air pak cargo services

Air Cargo is the fastest way to get your parcels delivered. Are you in a hurry with your shipment? Do you need to transfer your goods in a fast timely manner? If yes, then you should opt for our air cargo services in which you can send your cargo to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir’s mentioned location in maximum 10 working days interval in just £5 Per KG.

Door to Door Cargo Service:

door to door pak cargo services

Are you a busy person? Well, we got you covered, we understand that it may happen that you don’t have time to bring your stuff to our office on a personal conveyance and need professional’s team to move things in a safe and sound manner. Our Pak Cargo Services offers Door-to-Door pick up services to satisfy our pre-existing and more new customers.

SEA Cargo:

ship pak cargo services

If you’re not in a rush with your shipment then the Sea Cargo is the best option for you. Sea Cargo is a very common service which could be availed from our company over a phone call. Yes, that’s right! If you want to send a shipment or parcel through sea route to another region then give us a call right away. Our special promotional offer £1.25.

Excess Baggage to Pakistan:


excess baggage pak cargo services

Are you looking to move your Excess Baggage from UK to Pakistan? The Excess Baggage relocation costs a lot of money with Airlines, but Pak Direct Cargo can save you a lot of money while sending your baggage. Call us now to discuss which form of freight will be suitable to your needs.

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