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How To Send A Parcel Quickly From The UK to Pakistan

Finding the right cargo services company to send parcels abroad can be a daunting task. You want to be certain that your items will reach their destination in perfect condition and that the service provided will be affordable.

If you wish to send parcels from the UK to Pakistan, then Park Cargo Direct is your best choice. PDC takes pride in offering affordable, reliable and flexible cargo services including picking parcels across England and ensure they reach the client’s preferred location in Pakistan.

Cargo Services Options

For all clients who need to send their cargo to Pakistan from the UK, PDC provides two options. You can either have your goods sent via sea cargo, or air cargo. The professional packers and movers ensure that all your goods are properly packed and safe for travel either by sea or air. If you choose to send your items to Pakistan by air, it will cost you slightly more but your items will reach their destination faster.

If you are not sure which service to go for, Pak Direct Cargo personnel can guide you in making the best decision based on the types of goods you’re moving and urgency. Whichever option you choose, PDC will give you affordable rates without compromising the quality of service.

How Much Will It Cost?

The amount of money you pay to move your goods from the UK to Pakistan will depend on the option you choose. If you choose to send your goods by ship, it will take an average of five to eight weeks for your goods to reach Pakistan. The cheap sea cargo options go for £ 1.50 per kilogram. To send your package by ship, it must weigh not less than 25 kilograms. Goods that weigh 50 kilograms and above attract a charge of £1.25 per kilogram.

Packing charges stand at £4 and pick and weighs your packages from your home. Domestic goods such as electrical appliances, workout equipment, and flat pack gear are charged at a rate of £3 per kilogram. Fridges, sofas, and mattresses cost £3.50 to ship to Pakistan. If your goods are in large boxes you will pay £2 per kilo. Your parcel will be securely packed and moved from your location to the designation.

Sending your goods by air through cargo services costs slightly more but it will only take seven to ten working days for your goods to reach your destination in Pakistan. Your goods must weigh at least 15kg for you to send them to Pakistan by air.  The Pak Direct Cargo team come to your home and pack your goods in a large bag as well as weight it at a cost of £4. All you need to do is keep your items in suitcases or boxes and the team will do the rest of the packing for you.

You can send all manner of personal items by air with them, from body sprays, perfumes, and any other items legally allowed into Pakistan from the UK.

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