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Move Your Cargo with the Best Cargo Shipping Company in the UK

Are you in the UK and looking to move your cargo from the UK to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir? Well, the Pak Direct Cargo (PDC), is one of the best cargo company in the UK. The customer ratings on Pak Direct Cargo google business page suggests that it is the most favorite cargo company so far. It has 55 reviews and the average rating is 3.6/5.0 which is much better than any other Uk to Pak Cargo company.

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The main reason behind this increasing popularity of Pak Direct Cargo is because a customer can move the cargo from anywhere in England to anywhere within Pakistan. There are many cargo shipping companies in the UK but the most friendly prices for moving cargo to Pakistan is offered by PDC. They also give you easiest options to move your cargo. You can do it via ship or by air. Whatever option you choose, based on PDC’s reviews they will definitely ensure that your cargo to Pakistan gets to your address in perfect condition and within the shortest time possible.

A good number of business people and other individual get a lot of merchandise and other personal goods from the UK to Pakistan and it can be difficult finding a reliable cargo services provider to do this for you at an affordable cost and with a guarantee that your good will reach their destination intact. Pak Direct Cargo is undoubtedly the best cargo service provider to Pakistan. One of the best things about Pak Direct Cargo is that they are not just professional movers, but packers as well. They will pick your cargo from your doorstep, pack it in a professional manner ensuring that your cargo will not get damaged in any way during transit, and they also ensure it is delivered right at the doorstep of your preferred location in Pakistan.

PDC Pricing:

They say cheap is expensive but with Pak Direct Cargo, you get the best quality of service for the least amount of money. If you choose to send your cargo to Pakistan by ship, you will only be charged £ 1.50/kg with the cheap sea option. If your goods weigh 50kgs and above, you only get to pay £ 1.25 for each kilogram. The rate for shipping specific cargo to Pakistan using Pak Direct Cargo varies based on items you want to ship. Electronics, flat pack home equipment, workout machines and other items attract a different charge but the difference in pricing is negligible. On average, you will spend between £2 to £4 per kilogram on all items.

PDC Cargo Weight Policy:

If your cargo weighs a minimum of 15 kg you may choose to send it to Pakistan by air. Pak cargo charges £2 per kilogram, exclusive of handling charges. You don’t have to worry about packing because the PDC team will pack your items in large bags or sacks for only £4 and weigh your cargo from the comfort of your home. You can send all manner of items to Pakistan by air using Pak Direct Cargo as long as its legally permissible.

While there are many companies which can be used to send your cargo to Pakistan. But you will not find one better than Pak Direct Cargo to trust with delivering your cargo to Pakistan affordably and reliably. Why risk while you can get the best service in all of UK? Choose Pak Direct Cargo today and enjoy convenience, affordability, reliability, and flexibility that comes with their services. For more information on how you can get your cargo to Pakistan using Pak Direct Cargo, Browse this website…

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