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Send Parcels to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir at Ease: Pak Direct Cargo Ltd.

Do you want to send a parcel to your near and dear ones or friends residing in Pakistan? It is too hard to find a reliable Pak Cargo Service provider in England that will help you to deliver your parcel to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir! The need for delivering courier or parcels to Pakistan is increasing in the UK and everyone certainly requires fast parcel delivery option at reasonable price. If you are in search of the best courier service provider then you indeed would get a list of different types of courier brand with varied specifications. You are at the right place if you wish to send a parcel to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir.

Pak Direct Cargo Ltd – The Trusted Cargo Service Provider in England

Pak Direct Cargo Ltd. is a Professional Pak Cargo Service provider based in the UK. Realizing the needs of reliable cargo services n England, we have designed our services to send parcels to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir from England with the best approach! We have employed a team of hardworking and committed staffs having years of experience and proficiency in the trade. We have tailored our services as per the exact requirements of the customers. Since years, offering the best cargo services from England to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, we have earned the trust of our customers.

Book Your Consignments Flexibly

It is quite easier to book your consignment. Text us a message or dial our number or email us specifying your requirements or access our website to book your consignment! We will contact you 20 minutes in prior to our approach to picking up the parcel.

Why Choose Us for Pak Cargo Services?

  • We offer door to door parcel service aiming to reduce your stress of making the deal.
  • We have a team who collect the parcels directly from the customer’s address.
  • In front of you, the parcel will be sealed and packed securely to avoid any hassles.
  • It will be weighed in front of you as well and calculating the amount of cargo delivery a receipt will
    be handed over to you.
  • The rest is our responsibility.
  • The service is quick and fast.
  • You can track the whereabouts of the parcel with the help of the given specific code until it is on its
    way to the receiver.
  • We charge the most affordable rates in England.

Our collection staff will approach you as per the time agreed by you allowing packing the parcel for your confirmation. You can send anything and everything to Pakistan or Azad Kashmir through our services!

We Process Our Service Fast!

We have access to the most advanced air facilities and sea facilities. As soon as our staffs collect your parcel, it will be sent on the next shipment as per your interest. If the parcel is heavy and bigger in size then it will be shipped on the sea and if your parcel contains any valuable items that are small in size then it will fly on air ensuring fast delivery.

Charges of delivering the parcel for Pak Cargo depend on the mode of shipment and weight of the parcel! Make sure to visit our website and learn about it in details! Call us now for any further queries!

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